Amarone della Valpolicella D.O.C.G. Classico

The True Flavors Of Venice

  • It is a red wine of particular value produced, in a small characteristic hilly area, not far from Lake Garda
  • The slow maturation of the wine is done in precious oak barrels
  • It is a wine with the Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin), so it is subject to strict regulations governing both grape processing and bottling materials.
  • It is packaged with 100% Italian cork.
  • It is a prestigious “dry” passito, excellent to accompany the succulent meat dishes of your special occasions
  • The bottle is embellished with a pearl mounted on 925 silver stud made by hand with the “a lume” technique an ancient workmanship used in Venice since the 13th century.
  • Drunk on its own, its taste and aroma are intense: reminiscent of wild berries, black cherries, licorice with a chocolatey finish of tobacco and hazelnuts… an ideal accompaniment to give you pleasant emotions


Product description

Luca Fedrigo’s winery, Arco, whose name is inspired by the 16th century stone “Arch of Jupiter”, has its roots in the municipality of Negrar in the heart of Valpolicella, an area dedicated to the cultivation of grapevine since Roman times. In fact, the origin of the toponym indicates a “valley of many wine cellars”. The Amarone D.O.C.G., which Luca produces, connects past and present times, the result of skills acquired thanks to his experience.

Considerable experience is required to carry out the drying process of the grapes, and it takes a careful and patient manual selection of the best bunches (corvina, rondinella and molinara grapes) which are left to dry in well-ventilated rooms – the so-called lofts – constantly monitoring their quality on the trellis – arele in dialect – for about 100 days. Subsequently, the crushed grapes are transformed into must and begin to ferment during the cold winter months, leading to a slow maceration followed by a long period of refinement in casks, which the regulations require to be lasting at least 2 years.

The result is a red raisin wine, which is also completely dry, that owes its name to distinguish it from the other famous wine produced in Valpolicella, Recioto, a sweet raisin wine.

Details & Information

Food and wine pairing: a prestigious wine to match with meat dishes, it is also pleasant for meditation.

Service: Corking in advance and large glasses favour oxygenation, temperature 18°-20°.

The bottle is embellished with a pearl mounted on a 925 handmade silver stud, using the lampworking technique, an ancient process used in Venice since the 13th cury. The glass produced in Murano in coloured rods is then remelted in the craftsman’s atelier with a blowtorch and worked on a base of 24k gold leaf or 925 silver. The art of glass beadmaking in Venice is a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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