MyVenice marmalades

The True Flavors Of Venice

  • Processing method Individual Quick Freezing chilling -40°
  • Short vacuum cooking at 60°
  • 100% natural product
  • Package contains 10 compotes of different flavors


Product Description

Fruits chosen at the right time of ripeness are harvested in their places of origin and processed using innovative criteria according to scientific studies to guarantee and maintain the taste and properties of the fruit present in more than 75%.

Fruit: 75% minimum content

Production Area: Padua (PD)

Our Products

In ancient times, when refrigeration systems didn’t exist, cooking fruit and adding natural preservatives, such as honey and sugar, was a good way of preserving it, resulting in a delicacy that was considered a royal food.

Legend has it that Queen Catherine of Aragon, who married Henry VIII, King of England, was only able to alleviate her longing for her homeland by making sweet orange marmalade from Spain. Catherine de Medici, wife of King Henry IV of France, was also believed to receive precious oranges from Sicily as a restorative to recover from an illness. Those oranges were then preserved in compote and marked in Italian ‘per maria ammalata’, which the French understood as the name of the food and shortened to ‘marmalade’.

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