Exclusive Murano glass cutlery tray


An exclusive Murrine glass table accessory for a My Venice-style mise en place.

  • Handcrafted Murano glass
  • Working with the ancient Murrine glass technique
  • Exclusive creation
  • Products inside the package: 6


Product Description

The art of Venetian murrine glass had an important rise in the 19th century. Specifically, the term “murrino” or “a murrina” denotes both the working and artistic composition of sections of colored glass rods assembled to form a design. The origin of the word draws reference from Roman-era murrha (or fluorite) pottery, which was highly prized in ancient times for the variety and vibrancy of its colors and from which Venetian master glassmakers drew inspiration.

Valuable examples of objects with artistic workmanship in Venetian glass can be found in the world’s most important glass museums.

Production area: Murano (VE)

Our Products

A refined collection of table accessories created exclusively for My Venice by Murano designer Paolo Donà. His original creations are characterised by new interpretation of classical forms with reference to the working of Murrine glass and glass mosaics.

The objects are Handmade on the Venetian Island of Murano.

Venice is world-famous for its ancient tradition concerning the production and making of glass and mirrors, and there are written records of this art dating back to before the year 1000.

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