White bronze drip saver with Venetian Murrina


Embroidered felt drip pan with white bronze brooch made by hand using the ancient lost-wax casting technique and an authentic Murano glass murrina.

Created exclusively for My Venice by the mastery of Atelier A70, this drip saver wraps elegantly around the neck of the bottle to absorb excess wine.
The originality of the shapes, the use of ancient craftsmanship techniques and the attention to detail come together in this object in the unique style of My Venice.


Product Description

Lost-wax casting is an age-old technique used to make bronze artifacts, a well-preserved ancient example being the two statues of the famous “Riace Bronzes.”
It consists of creating a wax model by using it to make a clay mold. By punching two holes in the clay mold, one at the top and one at the bottom, wax is poured out by heating it and molten bronze is poured in its place, resulting in an identical bronze model. Characteristic of casting with this technique is great precision and fidelity of detail, which is why it is still used for jewelry making.

Design and implementation purely
Made in Italy

AtelierA70 is a design studio successor to Bottega d’arte Applicata A70, which, founded in 1970 by Venetian master goldsmith Elio Martella worked and created for the next forty years.

Today AtelierA70 designs handcrafted pieces including novel jewelry, museum merchandise, limited edition mobile sculptures, and interior design objects. The atelier is a melting pot of diverse experiences, always striving for refinement in forms, techniques and materials. His work combines ancient crafts and modern processes, far from the machinery of industrialization and encouraged by artistic research and cutting-edge technology.

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